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Vertebral Artery Dissections

Vertebral Artery Dissection . com is dedicated to collecting and sharing information about vertebral artery dissections. Little is known about this rare and very serious condition which can cause a stroke leading to paralysis, loss of speech, numbness and loss of feeling/sensation, and many other frightening and painful side effects.

I created and manage Vertebral Artery Dissection . com because I had a vertebral artery dissection in 2005 - when I was 27.

It caused a stroke that put me down and out for three months. I could not speak or walk for a while, much less drive or play sports. I could only read for a little while before my head started spinning.

It was scary and there was very little information about it. Even my doctors and therapists knew little about it. I often felt like a guinea pig because I was some kind of "interesting case."

I hope the information and products I recommend help you or your loved one recover more rapidly and healthfully.  Please share your personal story and help us gather information about the causes and effects of vertebral artery dissections.

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Vertebral Artery Dissection Definition

Vertebral Artery Dissection: "Dissection of the wall of the vertebral artery, leading to the formation of an aneurysm that may occlude the vessel. Thrombus formation may occur and give rise to emboli. Cervical fractures or related NECK INJURIES and CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA are commonly associated conditions, although this process may occur spontaneously. Ischemia, infarction, and hemorrhage in the vascular distribution of the affected vertebral artery may complicate this condition."

:::Definition from the Unified Medical Language System


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Please help provide more information about vertebral artery dissections. It takes money and time to keep this site going. In the future VertebralArteryDissection.com will include more information about doctors, therapies, and products and even information to help doctors give better care to VAD patients.

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