VAD Doctors and Medical Professionals

Below is a work-in-process list of doctors and other medical professionals with experience
in Vertebral Artery Dissection diagnosis and/or treatments and recovery.

How You Can Help with Vertebral Artery Dissection Awareness

1.  Add to the List Below:  Email me the names and contact information for doctors, therapists, or other medical professionals who are experienced with vertebral artery dissections. Whether they helped you or one of your friends or family or even if you just read about a medical professional who has experience with, or specializes in, vertebral artery dissections please email me with a name, location, and contact information (phone, email, website, etc.).

2.  Tell or ask Medical Professionals about VAD:  Simply spreading awareness about VAD will help others in the future.  It could be that the person you ask or tell about it will think of it when trying to diagnose someone with the odd symptoms that VAD can cause.

3.  Tell Medical Professionals about and ask them to contact me.

4.  Tell Your Personal Story: Read other Personal Stories of VAD's and share your personal story on the site. I will not use your last name or post any kind of contact information. Your story might help someone else cope with their own struggle with a vertebral artery dissection.

Names in green indicate a doctor or professional who cared for me. I am listing them here because they helped me. I recommend them. Please email me to help add to this list. I WILL respond to you and add your relevant contacts. Thank you.

Specializing in VAD

Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego has a Stroke rehabilitation program.

"They have state of the art instruments, like what astronauts use in order to regain midline balance ( which was a huge problem for me since I stroked near my balance center; the cerebellum)  For anyone with this type of stroke they should contact Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, asking for the Rehab Center and for Wanda."

Medical Professionals Contact Information

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