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These are just some of the personal stories people have sent to me since April 2008.  There are many more but problems with email accounts mean I don't have emails previous to that.

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The personal stories are in no particular order and I have purposely removed names or personal information.

VAD (suspected), Stroke, Spontaneous, M41

Hello, for a few weeks I have a strange pain at the left side of my neck above. The past weeks the pain increases and decreases. Last Monday at 07:00, I become awake after my alarm clock, as daily, went off. I pushed on the snooze button and at that same moment a hard pain in my neck occurred and after that I directly had a black-out for a few minutes.

 After one hour lying in my bed I tried to stand up, but was not able to do because I was not able to control my left side. I went to the local practitioner for diagnosis. He was uncertain and diagnosed a viral infection on the vestibular and sent me back to home for rest.

Lying in my bed I had the feeling this is not a virus but is linked to my neck problems and urged to go to the hospital for further analysis. In the hospital the did a lot of tests, blood diagnosis and CT-scan. Everything was ok, so I was sent back to home for rest because most probably it was a virus on the vestibular.

Tuesday evening the problems becomes worse. Tingling face, focusing eyes, and leg and arm coordination problems. Wednesday-morning back to hospital and confirmation the symptoms are worse then Monday. Stay in hospital for observation an MRI on Thursday. Thursday outcome of the MRI, a stroke in the left cerebral! Now blood tests, Ascal, etc for finding the cause of the stroke. I am convinced it is caused by something in my neck but the hospital starts with there normal protocol for analysis and currently not my analysis of the cause of neck-problems and stroke.

The last days I searched the internet by finding which artery is in the neck. Founding that including my symptoms I found VAD, which is for sure my cause of the stroke. My current questions to you are, and hopefully you are able to answer fast is :
1. Looking to my story, do you also think this can be VAD?
2. do you know a neurosurgeon in the Netherlands who is specialized in VAD?
3. which treatment do I need to do now at this moment. Still having pain in the neck and afraid it happens again. if this is the cause the Ascal is not the prevention for today.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous (jumping on tramboline), M5

My grandson suddenly acted almost drunk and staggering. He fell asleep and woke up shortly and had a stroke affecting the left side.

He is still in the hospital and receiving rehab. Doctors are stumped that he had Basilar Artery Dissection, blood clot and stroke in 3 different sites.

 They say there is no literature. He lost speech and swallowing also. Everything is slowly coming back and VAD seems to be healing itself. He is on aspirin only.

VAD, Spontaneous (after chiropracter visit), F31

I am a healthy active 31 year old female with two small children. About two months ago I went to the chiropractor for a stiff neck. He did an adjustment which loosened things up until I got home that night. This was a Friday. I called him on Monday and he told me I needed another adjustment. So Monday I had another one. I was instantly dizzy and had shooting pain in my neck but felt a little better later on in the day. The next month was very busy and I had been managing the neck pain and headaches with ice packs. One night at work (I am a cardiovascular nurse) I was having visual disturbances that would last 20 to 40 minutes. I have a history of migraines so I attributed the disturbances to a migraine. I saw a total of 3 general practitioners for headaches over an 8 week time frame. They were convinced that it was migraines.

Finally, on January 14, 2013 I was referred to an ENT physician for pulsatile tinnitus and left ear pain. I had no problems with my ear so he ordered an MRA of my neck and head. I had the test done the next Thursday. I was called on the following Monday and referred to mayo in Rochester, MN for a left vertebral artery dissection. I spent two days in the hospital and have been sent home on coumadin/lovenox. I continue to have the tinnitus, occasional stammering and tingling on my left side that comes and goes. I have been told that I did not have a stroke after an MRI of the head and neck was completed. The neurologist/stroke specialist was optimistic that most symptoms would subside with time and I am hopeful it will. I am very inspired by all of the stories that I have read. I am sure that this has happened to me for a reason. I will be educating everyone that I am in contact with about this Doctors, nurses, lab technicians. I understand the anxiety and sleep deprivat ion that is related to this. All I can say is that the human spirit is a powerful thing and it will help you endure many obstacles in your life if you allow it to. Best of luck and speedy recovery to all.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous, F27

My story...8 yrs from yesterday @ age of 27 I was off work (at time nurse in rehab) I had terrible headache by mid morning. Still ran errands but was taking everything for this headache and even called few friends some nurses whom suggested maybe I was getting migrain for first time. I did not eat. By evening I was laying in bed head still killing me. All of a sudden I heard a loud noise in L ear, stood, stumbling, vomited x1 and began to talk about who was to care for my children. I stumbled to couch and called 911.

The paramedics came. Vitals normal. They transferred me to local hosp which was not my first choice hosp but they would not by pass to another hospital. I went over symptoms. Could not walk. Was offered ct or spinal tap. Was told would show same findings. I took ct obviously. It was normal. Was told I had migraine. Given rx for medicines. They called their cab service and wheeled me to cab. I could not see to give cab driver direc tions, luckily he knew my street. I attempted to get out of cab, falling and cab driver picked me up put me back in cab and took me back to hospital. All I remember is hearing for I couldn't see one nurse yell to another when cab driver told them what happened is "your girls back". They put me in wheelchair and took me to xray and said "yep you broke your arm" That time it was am...they called my boyfriend to pick me up. Was given no sling, no workup to see why a 27yr old could not walk nothing. It was very hard to get up steps to my bedroom. I was in immense pain also.

I layed flat in dark. Vision extremely blurry, could not even get few feet to bathroom without assistance. After 2 days of this I had appt with ortho and I also made one with my family Dr. My parents barrowed a wheelchair to take me. Ortho said you need surgery. Broke both bones in forearm and dislocated elbow. He said however, I am not operating on you. There is something very wrong. I knew this. I then went to primary Dr, not even able to get on exam table. She sent me to the same hospital but different location for a MRI. The radiologist came out and told my mother she has had several strokes. I then was directly admitted. ( Agsin still not to my hosp of choice).

I was on med surg for maybe 2 weeks, had lots of tests ran. Had my arm surgery. Then was on rehab for about 2 weeks, trouble walking still, no use of R arm but also just had surgery, and difficulty speaking. I was told at discharge no follow up needed. My strokes were a fluke. I had months of PT, OT, ST. Was sent home with walker. I progresses to caine then nothing after a few months of intense therapy.

I didnt even know it was a VAD that caused the CVAs until I requested my records. I know have minimal deficiencies. Balance is terrible, R eye slightly smaller, Not good fine motor skills on R, and a lot of insecurities. I know I am blessed to be alive. I have had no follow up or anything. Wandering if I should...yesterday was my 8yr anniversary. I was emotional but no one understands. I am so glad to of found this group and hear everyone's stories..Sorry so long...

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous (after stretching neck), F31

THANK YOU! I was so relieved to find your website. I am two and a half weeks out from a VAD and two small strokes. My life has been turned upside down and everyone keeps telling me how grateful I should be that I only had small strokes. It is ridiculously difficult to be grateful you had a stroke when you are 31 years old! I started a blog today to try to process what happened and is continuing to happen. I have felt so alone through this whole experience. I was only the second breastfeeding mom they've ever had on the stroke floor of the hospital where I was. Almost everything out there on strokes is geared toward old people. So anyhow, thank you. And here's my blog:

VAD, Spontanious (supspected manipulation), F34

Back in August one day I got a severe migraine to the point where there was sharp pains like lighting bolts shooting up to my brain. I started vomiting and called my chiro due to he had been seeing me twice a week for neck and back pain.

He called in more pain meds for me then asked me what do you want me to do. lol now...I ended up in ER for 14 hours my migraine had lifted by the time I was finally seen. I kept telling them I was having pain in my right shoulder and do a mri or catscan but they would not. Well they sent me home and told me to go see the chiro next day due to must have been muscle spasm.

I did that, was there three hours when he went to manipulate my neck it was in such a spasm he could not really do but it hurt and my foot went off the table. Well he put many injections in my neck and sent me home. Well in the next week pain just kept getting worse and worse to the point I called the chiro and asked to be sent to a neurologist and was told no I ended up in the ER again that day and they did a mri and found dissected vertebrea was put in icu and withing 12 hours had angiogram and artery coiled off.

That is my story. I still have chronic pain in right side of neck nobody can figure out why.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous, M35

Back in October 2012 I submitted a Story, and here is an update.

It has been 4 months since my minor stroke, and diagnosis of VAD. I have been taking Coumadin for the 4 months. I still persistently have neck pain, migraine headaches, and dizziness. I was hoping to be getting better, and that the Coumadin would start to help heal the thing. I only have one Vertebral artery that connects to the basculer artery. (Not sure if I spelled that right). I have read that only 15-20% of people have this "defect" in the blood flow, so it is very uncommon to have a patient with my sort of problem.

Anyhow, I go in for a CT scan with Contrast last Friday, and got the results yesterday. Terrifyingly my dissection is getting WORSE. It is from the C5 to the C2 vertebra, and now I have a new one opening up at my C1 Vertebra. Has anyone had this happen after 4 months of Coumadin therapy?????

I have personally heard lots of positive stories on this website, and hope the same outcome for mine. As of today I am just a bit worried after the results I received yesterday.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous (impact related), M40

I have recently had a vertebral dissection which caused a mini stroke. On returning to my b&b whilst working away from home, I sat on the bed to dry my feet after taking a shower. I felt my balance was going and I tried to stand up, I was able to move about but was unsteady on my feet. I carried on the evening as normal with my balance coming and going, until I returned to bed.

On waking in the morning I tried to get up to go to work but my balance was still very poor. As soon as I tried to go downstairs my left leg went like jelly and my left side numb, I knew then that I was having a stroke. my colleague helped me walk to the van as I couldn't unaided. We headed to hospital on which I spent the entire journey vomiting out of the van window!!

I arrived at Frenchay hospital in Bristol and went into a&e where I was quickly taken onto a bed. Here my condition rapidly declined with my vision going and my head spinning like I was violently drunk. I was being sick rapidly and from here on in I could not focus on anything. I was taken for two ct scans which showed up nothing, I was taken to the a ward where I remained curled up in a ball for two days as this was the only way to control the spinning. I stayed on the ward for 5 days waiting for a mri scan to see if the doctors were right as they suspected I had burst a blood vessels in the lower back part of the brain. They were correct about the area but the scan showed I had split a blood vessel rather than burst it. I spent a total of 8 days in hospital in which the first 2 I had no vision, couldn't walk and felt sick. I moved around in a wheelchair for 4 days then I was able to stand and walk around if I was aided. On the 5th day I was slowly able to walk unaided although dizziness and double vision were with me constantly.

After 8 days I was released to return home to Plymouth. It has been just over 2 weeks since it happened and I am making a speedy recovery. I am walking quite steadily, my dizziness and double vision are fading by the day, I can read and watch TV now without feeling sick and dizzy after 5 mins! I plan to return to work in a week and half, the boredom is killing me! Light duties as I am a plasterer! How I sustained the injury I'm not sure, I can only put t down the number of impacts I received wearing a safety helmet on site. One particular scaffolding had a low lift on which I would catch my helmet and the impact would disperse all around the back of the head, I believe these numerous impacts weakened the vessel leading to it splitting.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous (weight lifting), M26

On February 6th 2013 I collapsed with dizziness and right sided hearing loss. I was driven to the emergency room where a CT scan happened to be decided upon by the ER doctor. He told me my artery was dissected and that it was good he had a hunch to check otherwise they would have assumed it was stress induced judging by my age. After admission a PA released me 24 hours later. I was authorized an MRI the next day and a "major" stroke was found on my cerebellum.

Four days of moderate shoulder pain had been presumed to be my dissected artery which led to my stroke. It was difficult to diagnose, the doctors had serious problems recognizing symptoms. At times as an EMT I felt like I could tell them much more about the situation than attending physicians were ever able to decipher. At my age, with little knowledge of suspected mechanisms of injury, no preexisting health conditions, an active lifestyle - resting heart rate of 45 bpm - no one was able to extract the fact that a stroke had occurred. Nothing significant was registering on the typical Glasgow scale.

I lost my hearing in my right ear, I've lost my 6 figure income, and I lost my balance which damaged my passion for mountain sports.

It's a long way off but I continue to rehab and revisit my old habits such as daily rock climbing, running, skiing, cycling, and shooting sports. If this happens to you at a young age - you are important for study. Try a local university, be persistent and discover unique ways to rehab with people that are willing to push you hard.

VAD, Spontaneous, F29

Tuesday morning was good, for a work a day morning. I chatted about my dinner success with my coworkers until about eight. I was wearing contacts and my peripheral vision was funny. I thought my contact was being strange and had moved out of place. Then came the HEADACHE. First, it seemed like caffeine withdrawl, then a sinus headache. I was cursing myself for drinking last night and wearing perfume that morning. I tried taking advil. By nine thirty though, it had moved into overdrive. I felt funny. Something like what I imagine the worst migraine to feel like, and my vision went all wonky. Lines, stripes, I could "see" but not focus. Blurry is not the right word because it wasn't blurry all over. It was more like I couldn't focus on everything, only some things. It got so bad that I could only read the middle digit of a three digit number and that was straining. I tried working through it.

My husband had an important staff meeting that morning and I knew that it would not be appreciated for him to skip the meeting to take me home for merely a bad headache. I did my utmost to survive it. I began vomiting until I was dry heaving. I lost count at a dozen times over the couple of hours. I took my contacts out thinking they were making worse and because I was already sensitive to light, I sat at my desk with my sunglasses on. I drew the shades. I closed my eyes. Everything smelled. I even tried laying on the cold tile floor in my office storage room with the lights off. I had to leave for the bright bathroom and sat on the floor throwing up. I don't throw up, really, even the stomach flu. It takes a LOT for me. I have a strong stomach and I kept on throwing up.

After what felt like an eternity, my hubby was released from his meeting and I told him to take me home. This was after eleven in the morning. One of my coworkers was joking about lining up the managers and shooting them. I seriously would have been happy to be shot. The pain was THAT bad. My mommy in law who is a nurse tells me I have a high pain tolerance. It was the worst headache of my life and unlike my gallbladder attacks, this time my body would not shut down to end it. Fainting would have been a blessing! The car ride was awful. I was carsick and tried closing my eyes. I just stumbled along and followed my husband. I wanted to curl up and die. My hubby called his mom and the triage line. The both told him to take me into the ER. All I wanted to do was sleep. Noise hurt, lights hurt, and riding in the car was painful. He compromised and let me sleep for a half an hour. Then he dragged me in. The ER also thought it was a migraine. I sat for hours and h adn't been seen. All that pain and nothing but an icepack. I didn't rank too high on the triage list. I tried to convince him to just take me home to sleep.

Finally they took me back and shot me full of meds. They must have done my IV at that point too. I think it involved benadryl. God knows what else because I was not fully present. It was me and the pain that would not stop. At some point, my husband left to get my kids from daycare and then again to take them home for a sitter to watch. I had a CT and an MRI which was hell. The MRI was loud, so loud and my head hurt and I was claustrophobic at that point. It was medical torture, at least from my point of view. They saw a tear in my vertebral artery. Then I had another CT with dye. Time did not exist for me at this point. Once the ER doctor came back with a diagnosis, I had hoped I would be admitted to the hospital. Oh, no, I got a midnight ambulance ride to another hospital further from home straight to the stroke ward.

At some point, the vision issues resolved. I was exhausted. I saw a hospitalist early Wednesday morning at like 1 a.m., a neurologist before seven a.m. and an endless stream of nurses and nursing assistants every eight hours. They drew blood every six hours to adjust my dosing for Heparin via IV and Coumadin orally. I was on a heart monitor. They checked my blood pressure, temperature and oxygen level over and over and over again. I was kept there until my INR, the blood clotting factor, was between two and three. It took a week. They asked me the date, if I knew where I was, and if I knew why I was there. They asked me what happened, over and over again. "Touch your finger to my finger and your nose, then the other side" "Rub your foot over the opposite shin, do it on the other side. Grit your teeth, stick out your tongue, smile, shrug your shoulders, turn your head, now the other side. Hold up your arms, close your eyes, count to ten. Squeeze my fingers, pull me towards you, push me away, wiggle your toes, push your feet forward, pull them towards you. Hold up your leg in the air, now your other leg."

Speech therapy met with me at nine in the morning and twice daily for five days. Memory puzzles, logic puzzles, deduction work. Math problems. It was frustrating the first couple of days, low on sleep, still in pain and on medicine. I was fuzzy. They'd ask me questions, "what's your daughters' name? When were they born?" These are things I know and there was a slight delay accessing that information. I was angry and upset. I still feel a bit fuzzy and overwhelmed easily. I am jumpy and I do not feel like I'm using my peripheral vision fully.

I developed a headache and severe nausea. I ended up enduring a second MRI to ensure that my condition had not worsened. I cried. I did not want to eat, the smell of food was horrible and strong. To eat anything, I had to request medication and even the nurses attempt to tempt me with the chocolate cake was not good enough. Best part was the headache medication also made me nauseous. Pain and nausea or minimal pain and nausea.

I am now four weeks out and still am at home. My head still hurts. My ears ring. My neck hurts. I am exhausted easily. I am taking Norco and anitripline to help with the headache severity which has made the difference between being bedridden and some semblance of normal activity.

VAD, Stroke, Injury Related, M41

When I was 37, I had a neck injury but didn't think it was too serious until the extreme vertigo set in. Spent 10 days in the hospital as they told me I had a stroke. Tough on my wife and 3 kids while I am trying to be the husband and Dad I used to be. Coming up on my 4th year post stroke, I would say I am 90% back, still suffering from the occasional dizziness and anxiety. God has been good to me and without faith and trust in my relationship with him, it would have been much tougher.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous (after use of Thera Cane), M65

My stoke was due to a VAD that was caused by the use of a Thera Cane (a product used in deep pressure massage and trigger point therapy). Be warned.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous (giving birth), F42

It must have all started after I gave birth Jan. 12, 2013. Immediately after giving birth I noticed when I looked around that everything was blurry. I figured nothing since I was under so much strain it should be expected. While I was being discharged I looked down at my feet and noticed how swollen the left foot was. This of course was going on throughout the whole pregnancy and we had a Doppler check it for blood clots. Came out negative so I never thought anything of it after that.

The next morning when I woke up I got up to use the bathroom when this strange pressure came over me in my chest. I like to describe it as a weight similar to what you feel when you get out of the pool and you feel heavy. I wasn't able to breath for a second or 2 and then it passed. I decided to call the ob doctor because for some reason I knew something was very wrong. She told me to go to the ER right away.

I check in the ER and they immediately did a CT. They found blood clots in both lower lobes of my lungs. So they put me on the heparin and had me admitted. The following day I noticed my neck starting to stiffen up. At first I thought maybe I just kinked my neck in the ER because I was laying on the bed in an uncomfortable position for s long. The stiff neck wasn't getting any better. It couldn't even be treated. We tried heating pads, lidocaine patches and pain meds like Percocet. It was pointless. Nothing was working and it was getting so unbearable that my stiff neck became my new chief complaint. I asked 1 of the nurses if maybe it was spinal meningitis. She said no but it must have sparked her to ask for a CT scan to be sure. It was only after the CT scan that they found 3 out of 4 arteries were dissected. I nearly freaked out thinking I will never make it out alive to raise our baby.

About a couple of days later my right eye started to feel like an infection was kicking in or something. It was very sore. I blamed it on my makeup. When I looked in the mirror I noticed the pupil was constricted on the right and the upper lid was drooping. So they did an MRI and confirmed a mild stroke had taken place causing me to now deal with an eye disorder called Horner's Syndrome. It's really the only thing that my stroke left its signature on. I don't have any other signs of a stroke other than I feel a little tired from time to time. They claim the HS may clear up as I heel more. I can only hope. But I do feel very lucky that I made it through all of this.

My maternity leave has been extended. I find out March 25 after I have a MRI and MRA done if I can return to work. Doctors all look at me like I am a total miracle. I feel like the poster child or something whenever I visit the doctors. And believe me there's a lot of drs I have to see for all that has happened. I will be on Coumadin for the rest of my life now due to a blood clot disorder I have called MTHFR.

I had a miscarriage the year before and that is how we discovered the MTHFR. My Coumadin took forever to regulate but it seems to be in order now. I feel much better with slight twinges in my neck only from time to time, a sore right eye once in a while and a stuffy right ear too. That's my q to slow things down. I've been given a list of restrictions but find it very difficult to follow it strictly since I do have a new born to take care of. They feel I will be ok. I've passed the critical time frame for having all of this. I feel very blessed. I'm really hoping for a good report at the end of this month. The clots in my lungs have all dissolved already so I'm hoping everything else is healing just as well.

I feel so glad to have found this site. It helps somehow to read others going through this. I feel that family is there for me but doesn't quite understand how my fears effect me. I share my story with everyone now in hopes they too will be careful with neck strains. I'm really wishing my husband would stop letting his chiropractor manipulate his neck. I don't want to see him end up like I did. Good luck to all of you and your recovery. I hope my story helped you.

VAD, Stroke, Car Accident, F32

I had all four arteries in my neck dissected during a car VAD and bi-lateral CAD(coratid artery dissection). I am a 32 year old single mom of 2 and my 10 year old son and I were involved in an accident on Jan 27 2013. My son cut his chin and had to get 17 stitches and had a small fracture in his left hand. I lost consciousness shortly after the accident and woke up the next day in the hospital. I spent four days in the hospital and went home in a hard collar neck brace and told that I had just suffered from a concussion.

A few days after I was released from the hospital my left hand started becoming numb and tingly and I would lose feeling in it from time to time. My head and my neck hurt really bad and I would have dizzy spells and my eyes would feel like they were dilating on and off. My vision would get really blurry and have a kaleidoscope effect. I ended up having a stroke on Valentines Day! The left side of my face got numb and droopy, my tongue swelled, and my speech was so slurred that I couldn't even form a sentence. My aunt rushed me to the ER and by the time I got there my symptoms had subsided, thank God. The ER doctor had a CT Scan done on me and it came back negative. He said that there was nothing to treat, that I was a healthy 32 year old woman and there was no way I would've been having a stroke...then he sent me on my way.

The next morning my aunt called the neurosurgeon that I had as a follow up appt and explained the situation. They ordered a CT Scan with contrast and an MRI on my brain to have done immediately. The CT showed the four torn arteries and my right vertebral artery has two tears and there were blood clots in two of the arteries. The MRI showed that I had three strokes, but they were all minor and they were from the blood clots breaking off and floating through my brain. They took me by ambulance to a stroke hospital where I was put on blood thinners and evaluated by several doctors.

I was released four days later and told to keep the hard neck collar on and not to drive or work for at least 6 weeks and not to lift anything over 5 pounds either. I have another appt with my neurosurgeon on April 4th and hopefully I will know when I can go back to work. I do in-home healthcare though, so I have to lift my clients and I'm wondering if maybe I should change career fields. I feel like I'm a nervous wreck all the time with having all four of my arteries dissected as well.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous, F39

I was 39. Mum of 6, 9,10 year old. I ran 70 miles per week over the fells. I was misdiagnosed with a stress induced migraine due to my lifestyle. (Interestingly I have never suffered with migraines.) My blood pressure was high for me but within 'normal limits.' It was a junior doctor in A & E. I head a persistent, piercing headache fin the back of my neck for 2 weeks, that I ignored. I was dizzy & slurring.

I was taken back to A & E 6 hours later fighting for my life. I was then put into a medically induced coma for 3 days. When I woke I could move, say or do NOTHING. Yet, I felt everything. I was locked-in for months. I was was nil by mouth for 6 months and off my feet for 6.5 months,in pain, numb, unable to sleep, bored, written-off. It was a severe injury.

My diagnosis - Right vertebral artery dissection and occlusion on 7/2/10 with an acute infarction of the pons.
The rest is history - Running Free & Gonna Fly Now! books on Amazon/Nook.
My charity -
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I am almost like I was, minus some difficult emotional issues but I can road cycle 40 miles in the Peak District now and can run, although I choose not to.

VAD, Spontaneous (fall), M53

On March 11 2013 I went to my local hospital emergency room with severe pain in the back of my neck on the right side. I thought that maybe I pulled a muscle because I fell down a mountain it wasn't very far and I didn't think nothing of it at the time. But the next morning I could hardly move my neck and I was in severe pain and dizzy when I stood up .

The ER doctor decided to do a CT scan and that showed a torn vertebral artery on the right side of my neck. I was admitted to the hospital and immediately put on heparin through an iv drip. I stayed in the hospital for 7 days until my coumadin levels were at therapeutic level.

My neurologist told me that 2 out of 3 patients suffer a stroke from VAD. I thank god that I didn't have a stroke . Although I get tired very easily I thank god that I'm home with my family. This is very scary and I'm just living one day at a time.

VAD, Stroke, Spontaneous (Jiu-jitsu choke), M41

I suffered VAD due to a choke in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice. I have practiced BJJ for six years, and it was just and ordinary Friday practice. During sparring I got caught in a chokehold and suddenly felt a burning sensation in the back of my neck. It felt different than before but the pain subsided quickly. I finished the practice normally and drove home.

In home I felt unusually tired and went to bed early. My neck was also a bit sore. In bed I was checking my mail on a iPhone when the room started suddenly spinning. I yelled for my wife to come and and help. The spinning feeling went away quickly. I was so tired that I decided to sleep. Two hours later I woke and as the vertigo started again. I also felt horrible nausea and ran to the toilet thru the spinning room. I remember thinking that I contracted a bad stomach flu and told my wife that there's no need to call for help.

After a couple of hours of vomiting the other symptoms set in. I suddenly could not swallow. I felt numbing in the right side of my face. I balance was horrible and I was having trouble even sitting. My speech was strange. Anyway I could tell my wife that something was wrong. She called for a ambulance. They came and interviewed me how much alcohol I had had. Then they noticed my asymmetric pupils and understood what was probably wrong. They drove me to hospital where they put to immediate CAT. The following morning they took a MRI.

I was in ICU for a week and in hospital for two months. I had co-ordination problems in my right side and lack of pain sensation on my left. Walking was also problem. It took me three weeks to be walk without support. I also had a bad dysphagia. I was fed through a nasogastric tube. In hospital I had intensive physiotherapy and speech therapy for my dysphagia.

I am at home now on a sick leave. I go to the hospital four times a week for speech therapy. My swallowing is getting better all the time. We use E-stim for my throat and it is really helping.

VAD, Stress related, M49

HI everyone, My name is Neal. I suffered a VAD on 2-13-13. It will be a day that will forever change my life. I like many of you, never imagined anything like this would ever happen to me. Boy was I wrong. I had always maintained a healthy lifestyle, or so I thought. I ate well (veggies, Fruit, etc). But I always had a taste for salty things. I never kept salt in my house but liked to eat a few things high in sodium. I am currently 49 years old. I had always been in great shape never one major incident health wise in my life, for me this all started a couple years ago when I think I must have began to think I was going through a mid-life crisis.

I began to think that I wasn't accomplishing enough each day in my life. I put so much stress on myself that I began getting small headaches for several days while I was working long and late days, and depriving myself of sleep. One day at work on my day job I began to feel light headed, and my arm began to feel tingley. I knew it was a stroke after having no knowledge of stroke.

Once I got to the hospital it was confirmed by the doctors. Thus began the journey I am on like so many of you out there. I thought I could do anything. I believed that even at my age and feeling as good as I thought I felt I could act like a 20 year old. Boy was I wrong. Now 2 months after my Vad I am slowly recovering. It as all of you know is no easy road. I think back and wish I had known that I was on this path. If only...... My only wish know is for me to get better. But, first and foremost is that I hope I can help someone else from ever having to travel this path.

I had a few friends come to me and tell me that I was a wake up call for them. I truly, and sincerely hope that anything I can do will help someone to avert having a VAD or any other stroke for that matter. Thank you Chris for putting up this page.

VAD, Stroke, Spontanous (Cervical neckmanipulation by chiropractor), M55

After running and training for marathons I developed IT band syndrome in left knee. Sought treatment for this thigh soft tissue running injury from chiro who was advertising ART (active release technique). Went to the chiro and got the ART (massage technique) and also received an unexpected cervical manipulation. Two hours later I suffered a stroke at home. Have some impairment now, mostly a low energy level and general weakness in my left side, and some speech difficulties. Left hand was paralyzed fot about a month.

Am currently in litigation with the trial set for 4-22-13.

Am looking to donate (if I win my case) to an awareness organization.

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