Products for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Therapy products like the ones on this page helped me recover quickly and healthfully from my vertebral artery dissection and stroke.

I was very lucky and had friends and family who helped me research and find products that helped me recover physically and mentally. The most important things are persistence and optimism - and a little grit.

Physical Therapy Advice & Tips

Do what your doctors and physical therapists (and maybe speech therapists) say. I know physical therapy is no fun but it helps. Also, if they give you "homework" then do it.

Something I would like to add is that if your physical therapist is not asking you to work hard enough ask for a new one. Do not let anyone "baby" you around. This is your recovery and you have a life to get back to. If you get a "tough" therapist you will know it right after you leave therapy because you will be completely exhausted and you will know it even more a week later when you can walk/talk/balance/whatever remarkably better. I cannot thank my therapist enough for kicking my a$$.

*Use ONLY if Recommended by your Doctor*

Products for Vestibular and Physical Therapy

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I used everything on this page in my recovery to aid my VAD recovery.

Faster Recovery from Vertebral Artery Dissection and Stroke

I used every product on this page during my recovery. Each played a part in getting me back to driving, working, playing soccer, kayaking, snowboarding, and working out. My house looked like a physical therapy room for a while with marker tape on the floors and walls and everything but it worked.

Ask your doctor for prescriptions for these items so you can claim them as medical expenses

I am trying to add information about doctors and therapists who specialize in vertebral artery dissections to this site. If you know of a doctor who specializes in vertebral artery dissection or even has a great deal of experience with them, please email me. You can also contact me just to say hello or tell me about your experience. Read other Personal Stories of VAD's and share your personal story on the site.

Best VAD Product Award

No Kidding...  A lot of people wrote to me and asked me to recommend some products to help them deal with their VAD and I was always listing this pillow at the top.

Relief from Neck Pain

The memory foam pillow supports your head and neck to minimize movement.  This pillow allows you  to rest easily and comfortably without fear of pain or harmful contortions.  I still use mine.


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